WooCommerce Plugin by CCNow

The WooCommerce plugin, developed by WooThemes, is an open source eCommerce solution for online sellers who are running their stores on WordPress powered websites. One of the best things about the WooCommerce plugin is that it is completely free and fully customizable.

What is WooCommerce Plugin?

WooCommerce plugin is a user-friendly WordPress extension designed to assist you in transforming your present Wordpress website into a fully-featured online store. WooCommerce plugin will work with any theme you may be using for your website, even though it may need some minor adjustments to make it match well. WooCommerce plugin is loaded with killer features that can help you to shape your web store both on the front and the back-end, all with no programming experience needed. If you happen to be skilled in programming, you can even contribute to the development of WooCommerce plugin, since this piece of software is fully extendible.

What Are The Features Of WooCommerce Plugin?

With a little help of the WooCommerce plugin you can showcase your selling goods by adding custom images and product descriptions. It also gives you an instant overview of notes, customer reviews and order details, while providing you easy-to-use order management tools. In addition, WooCommerce plugin offers built-in reports to help you track and measure your store’s overall performance. It also lets you choose your favorite payment gateway for online money transfers, including the CCNow, which is supported as a WooCommerce extension.

CCNow Payment Module for WooCommerce Plugin

CCNow is a secure online retailer that conducts safe transactions for online sellers across the globe. CCNow offers an e-commerce solution that supports shopping cart, checkout, order tracking, invoicing, risk management, billing support and more. Our payment module for WooCommerce plugin is designed for online sellers who would like to have credit card payments on their WordPress powered websites. It is suitable not only for individuals, eCommerce startups and occasional sellers, but also for auction sellers and large companies, who need more complex eCommerce solutions.

CCNow module makes it quick and easy to begin selling online. If you are using a WooCommerce plugin for your web store, you can choose CCNow as your preferred payment gateway by downloading and installing our WooCommerce plugin module. The module is available in two different alternatives - for WooCommerce V 1.6 and V 2.0 distributions. We have even created a Live Demo that demonstrates the look and feel of both front-end, for buying customers, and back-office login for online sellers.

To download the CCNow WooCommerce Plug-in visit our Payment Modules & Plug-ins area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with a personal touch that you likely will not find at most merchant account payment providers.

Note: CCNow is not necessarily endorsed by any of the brands or companies listed above.

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