============== INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS ==============
  1. Install e-commerce cart plugin for Wordpress
  2. Use FTP (or similar method) to copy CCNow.php to /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants directory on your server
  3. Go to Settings->Store
    3.a) Checkout tab set postal code as mandatory
    3.b) Payments tab select CCNow and input (4.) data by clicking edit while hovering over CCNow checkbox
  4. CCNow admin, Order APIs tab, get your Activation Key and save it in your CCNow Activation key field, Hash key in hash key, CCNow login is your login username.
  5. In CCNow admin, Outgoing Order Push API section, set Format to "Named-Pair" and Details to "Full details"
  6. In CCNow admin, set Remote URL to http://[your website]/?ccnow_callback=true"
  7. Run a test order by selecting TEST in "Payment method" in WP
  8. Once test order has been verified, change the payment method to one of the three live options
Notes for membership plugin (if installed)
- will only allow you to utilize one subscription per cart with no other 1 time purchase items in the cart
- due to CCNow restrictions minimum recurring billing period is 7 days