Shopp Install Instructions

  1. Install Shopp cart plugin for Wordpress
  2. Use FTP (or similar method) to copy CCNow directory to /wp-content/plugins/shopp/gatways/ directory on your server
  3. In Wordpress Admin Go to Setup -> Payments (Shopp tab)
    3.a) Add a payment system and select CCNow
  4. Login to CCNow [Admin/Order APIs], get your Activation Key and save it in your CCNow Activation key field, Hash key in hash key and CCNow Client ID.
  5. In CCNow [Admin/Order APIs], Outgoing Order Push API section, set Format to "Named-Pair" and Details to "Full details"
  6. In CCNow [Admin/Order APIs], set Remote URL to http://[your website]/?shopp_page=confirm-order&rmtpay=process"
  7. Activate the Outgoing Order Push API
  8. Run a test order by selecting TEST in "Payment method" in Wordpress
  9. Once test order has been verified, change the payment method to one of the three live options