Install instructions CCNow Payment plugin for eShop

  1. Install and activate eShop plugin for Wordpress
  2. Install and activate plugin file "".
    2.a [IMPORTANT] If you are using eShop version higher than 6.3.5 than you need to do following:
    *from this folder copy and paste folder called "ccnow" into directory http://[YOUR_WEBSITE_NAME]/wp-content/plugins/eshop/
    *from this folder copy and paste file called "ccnow.php" into directory http://[YOUR_WEBSITE_NAME]/wp-content/plugins/eshop/
  3. In Wordpress admin go to Settings > eShop. Click on "Merchant Gateways" tab.
    3.a Login to your CCNow admin, Order APIs tab, get your Activation Key and save it in your Activation key field, Hash key in hash key and Client ID is your CCNow Client ID. In the description field write the following line "Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal via"
  4. In CCNow [Admin/Order APIs], Outgoing Order Push API section, set Format to "Named-Pair" and Details to "Full details"
  5. In CCNow [Admin/Order APIs], set Remote URL to http://[YOUR_WEBSITE_NAME]/?page_id=6&eshopaction=ccnowipn"
  6. Save changes
  7. Inside "Outgoing Order Push API" you need to activate your remote url. On line where says "API status" click on link that says "Click here in order to activate this API for your account."
  8. In this section click "send test alert to remote URL" button so an email containing activation code is sent to your admin email address. Copy paste the activation code from the email into text box and click on button where says "enter". Your remote URL should be activated now.
  9. It is recommended that you run few orders in Test mode. Once test order has been verified, change the payment method to [Settings > eShop > Merchant Gateways (tab) > Method (select)] one of the three live options