Transaction Post API

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Transaction Post API

An example transaction post can be viewed here: Example Transaction Post

Account and Security Fingerprint Fields
FieldRequiredValueMax LengthNotes
x_loginRequiredvaries by client12CCNow Client ID
x_versionRequired1.0 API version number.
x_fp_sequenceRequired  Client specified sequence number to ensure that each transaction is unique. E.g. it could be an invoice number or a random number.
x_fp_arg_listRequired   This is a list of field names and order in which the field values are passed into the MD5 hashing algorithm to generate the transaction fingerprint hash. At a minimum the following fields should be included:
  • x_login
  • x_fp_sequence
  • x_fp_arg_list
  • x_amount
  • x_currency_code
Additional fields may be required depending on your account configuration. You may also include fields that you wish to protect from tampering. Enter the fields as a concatenated list separated with the "^" character, e.g. "x_login^x_fp_sequence^...".
x_fp_hashRequired   This is the fingerprint generated using an MD5 hashing algorithm on the client's secret cart-activation key and the fields listed in x_fp_arg_list. The field values are concatenated and separated by the "^" character; the order of field values has to match the order of field names in x_fp_arg_list.
Product Information
FieldRequiredValueMax LengthNotes
x_product_sku_NRequired String comprising letters, numbers, and/or hyphen only 30Unique product identifier.
"N" is an integer value 1.. to identify multiple product items in shopping cart, i.e. x_product_sku_1
x_product_title_NRequired 500Brief title of product as it was presented to consumer.
x_product_unitprice_NRequiredMoney Unit price of product in currency of transaction.
x_product_url_NRequired 200Send fully qualified URL that links to page that presents details of the product; preferably the same URL as viewed by the consumer.
x_product_ffurl_NOptional 200Send fully qualified URL that provides a download link to the customer for a digital product at the time of sale. Only used for Auto-fulfillment/real-time processing orders.
x_product_ffmsg_NOptional 200Customer message to be displayed with the fulfillment URL for real-time/auto-fulfillment orders.
x_product_option_label_N_MOptional 30Send multiple product option label/value pairs, e.g. Color:Red. M is integer 1.. to mark option number "M" associated with product item "N".
x_product_option_value_N_MOptional 500
Customer Billing Name and Address
  • Send "required" fields if x_method is not NONE.
  • If using CCNow checkout page (x_method=NONE), then all fields in this section are optional. Any values posted to CCNow will be used as default values on the CCNow checkout page.
FieldRequiredValueMax LengthNotes
x_nameRequired 100 
x_companyOptional 100 
x_addressRequired 100 
x_address2Optional 100 
x_cityRequired 100 
x_stateRequired*2-letter US state or Canada province2*only required for US/Canada addresses; otherwise ignored.
x_statenameOptional*2State, region, or province; only used for countries other that US or Canada.
x_zipRequired* 30*only required for US/Canada addresses; otherwise optional.
x_countryRequired2-letter ISO country code2permitted countries
non-permitted countries
x_phoneRequired 30 full 10 digit number required for US addresses; min 6 digits required otherwise.
x_emailRequired 100Client should usually require consumer to type in twice since this is most important piece of consumer info.
Customer Shipping Name and Address
  • If shipping address is same as billing address, this whole section may be skipped.
  • If any shipping shipping field is supplied, all "required" fields must be sent if x_method is not NONE.
  • Note: to accept alternate shipping address, your CCNow account must be properly configured as with the hosted CCNow shopping cart. See "Shopping Cart" settings.
FieldRequiredValueMax LengthNotes
x_ship_to_nameRequired 100 
x_ship_to_companyOptional 100 
x_ship_to_addressRequired 100 
x_ship_to_address2Optional 100 
x_ship_to_cityRequired 100 
x_ship_to_stateRequired*2-letter US state or Canada province2*only required for US/Canada addresses; otherwise ignored.
x_ship_to_statenameOptional*2 Region, county, or province; only used for countries other that US or Canada.
x_ship_to_zipRequired* 30*only required for US/Canada addresses; otherwise optional.
x_ship_to_countryRequired 2-letter (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) country code 2permitted countries
non-permitted countries
x_ship_to_phoneOptional 30 
Misc Information, Charges, and Discounts
FieldRequiredValueMax LengthNotes
x_invoice_numOptional 30You may optionally pass an invoice number for the transaction; note however that CCNow order system generates its own identifer.
x_instructionsOptional 500This is similar to the "special instructions" field in the hosted CCNow shopping cart.
x_shipping_labelOptional 50If applicable; e.g. "Shipping:", "Shipping & Handling:", etc.
x_shipping_amountOptionalMoney If applicable; enter in format appropriate to the transaction currency.
x_shipping_methodOptional 50If applicable; e.g. "Air", "Ground", etc.
x_discount_labelOptional 50 If applicable; e.g. "Discount coupon: XXX".
x_discount_couponOptional 20 If applicable; alphanumeric string only.
x_tax_labelOptional 50If applicable; e.g. "EU VAT"
x_tax_notesOptional 50If applicable; addition notes displayed under the tax amount e.g. an actual EU VAT registration number.
x_languageOptional 2-letter language code (ISO 639-1). NOTE: sometimes differs from the ISO 3166-1 two letter code for the country in which language is spoken  Shopping cart language: en=English, de=German, es=Spanish, fr=French, it=Italian.
Transaction Data
FieldRequiredValueMax LengthNotes
x_amountRequiredMoney  x_amount is the total transaction amount for the order. If the currency code is non-USD, then the consumer's credit or debit card will be charged in that currency for Visa and MasterCard; for other card types, the consumer's credit card will be charged in USD at a conversion rate determined at time of order placement.
x_currency_codeRequired 3-letter currency code (ISO 4217).
 Payment method:
CC - Credit-Card
TEST - Test Order
NONE - CCNow hosted checkout page used by customer to select payment type.
Subscription/Recurring Billing
  • If you would like to have the subscription/recurring billing option enabled for your account please Contact CCNow .
  • Note that a recurring payment applies to all items in shopping cart; if you want your buyer to purchase a mix of regular products and recurring payment products, you will need to have them check out separately from your web site for each product type.
FieldRequiredValueMax LengthNotes
x_subscription_typeOptional"Auto", "A", "Manual", or "M"  Auto Recurring: This will automatically rebill the consumer at the specified frequency and will create a new order each time which you receive in your pending orders.
Manual Recurring: The consumer will receive an email notification at the specified frequency, in which they will be instructed to authorize a renewal which creates a new order.
If field not received, it is assumed to be "Auto".
x_subscription_freqOptional  Specify the subscription frequency with a number appended with "D" (days), "W" (weeks), "M" (months), or "Y" (years). E.g. "10D" is 10 day frequency, "2M" is 2 month frequency.
Minimum allowed frequency is 7 days.
Note, if field is not supplied, then order is not a subscription order.
x_subscription_maxOptional  To limit the number of recurring orders, enter a value here. If not specified, the recurring orders will continue indefinitely.


  • Money: enter in 2-digit precision, e.g., "9.95".
    Exception: for Japanese yen (JPY), round amount to nearest integer.