Platform Overview

Guides on how to use CCNow

CCNow Platform Overview

2.1 How does CCNow work?

CCNow is an online retailer, and our Clients are our fulfillment agents. You direct customers and traffic to CCNow's e-commerce system (either via the standard shopping cart or our Transaction Post API), and we take care of the rest. Credit and debit card processing, fraud screening, inventory management, Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant security, and customer service. This eliminates the worries of opening an online merchant account and enacting expensive security measures on your own. We also enable your products to be sold to a global market, as CCNow has over a decade of experience in dealing with domestic and international transactions. There is virtually no overhead so you can get started easily and with different plan options, you won't have any ongoing fees unless you make a sale.

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2.2 Disc On Demand

Disc On Demand is a unique way to fulfill CD & DVD products. It makes it easy to sell your disc products, without having to stock inventory. Visiting the [Disc On Demand] area in the Client Menu will offer more detailed information how to create and sell disc products. As CCNow receives orders, we burn and deliver the disc orders as they come. This is great for bands or indie record labels to cut costs on disc replication, warehousing, and shipping. There are no additional monthly fees for this service, and it is available to all CCNow Clients.

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2.3 Shipping Options

There are two different shipping settings in Client Menu under [Shopping Cart/Shipping]. Basic and Extended Shipping. Basic is a simple way to set a flat rate for a few countries, and is best used for stores with simple shipping calculations or just a few products. Extended uses rate tables, USPS integration, and custom country and region lists to give customers more choices on receiving their goods. You can limit what countries you will ship to using these settings, or give customers choices based on where they live, the weight of the shipment, and the courier used. Shipping calculations can also be set on the product level, and some coupons will give free or discounted shipping.

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2.4 Chargebacks

A chargeback dispute is a forced refund from a customer's credit card issuing bank. Keeping chargebacks low is obviously in both CCNow's and our Clients' best interests. CCNow will issue disputes against applicable chargebacks to attempt to regain the funds. It is important to keep CCNow's system updated with any relevant tracking information so that information can be used to fight the chargeback. There is a limited time frame to fight a chargeback. For more information, please see the chargeback info page or our tips on reducing chargebacks.

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2.5 Coupons, Marketing & Incentives

CCNow gives you multiple options to incentivize customers to complete purchases. First, we offer many different coupon options that can be easily created to give customers discounts on products and shipping, free shipping, and impose qualifications such as min/max product restrictions, time frame and limited coupon numbers for use in conjunction with marketing campaigns. There are several incentive banners and popups that can also be utilized to increase your close cart ratio. You can find these features in the Client Menu under [Marketing Tools].

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2.6 Payment Methods, Schedule, & Reserves

CCNow offers several different ways to receive your funds. You may make ACH direct deposit to a US or Canadian checking account. We also offer several wire transfer and EFT options (SWIFT wires, UK Faster Payments in GBP, SEPA credit transfer via IBAN in Euro, and local Indian NEFT in INR).

You can set a custom payment schedule to limit the times you are paid to save on banking fees, or set a threshold to withhold payment. We have different internal thresholds for each payment method. For more information, please visit [Admin/Payments].

CCNow currently pays its Clients weekly on Wednesdays, or on the next available banking day if it is a bank or national holiday. Standard payment reserve policies are a one pay period delay and a 5% rolling reserve held for 180 days, depending on a risk assessment of your business and products (some Restricted Products may have up to a 10% rolling reserve). For a more detailed explanation, please see the CCNow Client Agreement. New clients will have their first payment held for 4 weeks while account activity is established. If prior sales or processing statements are provided to CCNow, this initial hold period may be reduced based on a risk evaluation.

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2.7 Customer Service Information

CCNow has offices located in Minneapolis MN, USA and Dalvik, Iceland for premium, non-offshored customer service. Our local agents can take care of the needs of both Clients and Customers. Our phone support hours are Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm Central US time. Email turn-around time is generally within one business day, but often much sooner. We know our stuff and are here to help!

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2.8 Product Variations & Options

There are many different product options to choose from if you are using the standard CCNow shopping cart. All options are detailed in the [Product Management/Add a Product] area in the Client Menu. You can add either free text or drop down selections, UPC details, inventory, shipping weights and exclusions, and recurring billing subscription settings. Pre-order functionality is also enabled here. You can set a default currency price, although the shopping cart may convert that amount based on the customer selection and payment type.

We suggest adding a product description, keywords, and image to get top placing in our Marketplace and to better utilize future improvements of the shopping cart.

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2.9 Prohibited Products & Compliance

CCNow is primarily designed for selling tangible hard goods, but can also be used for non-tangible and digital products. If you wish to sell services, digital, or non-tangible products which are not specifically prohibited, please contact us with more information such as your URL, product description, and sales estimates.

Please take a moment to view products which are Prohibited or Restricted for sale on CCNow. Sexually explicit images or links are not permitted on Client websites without CCNow's prior approval.

All Clients must display a statement that CCNow is their online retailer or display the CCNow logo on their website to make it clear to customers that they are purchasing from CCNow. Credit card logos cannot be displayed on your website due to credit card association rules unless you have your own merchant account (CCNow does not give merchant account/card association status to you as our Client/Supplier).

All products sold on CCNow must be legal for sale in all areas supported by CCNow. Clients cannot enter orders on behalf of customers, as Clients are not allowed to see sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers, unless they have received prior approval to use the Virtual Terminal feature for Mail Order/Telephone Orders. If you are planning to accept orders in a mobile location such as a concert, trade show, or by mobile, please contact us ahead of time to prevent orders from being declined as we track several data points to enforce this security rule. We will soon be launching new functionality to support more in-person types of sales.

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2.10 Returns & Refunds

Please review CCNow's Return Policy. CCNow offers a 30-day money back guarantee to its customers (depending on the type of merchandise) to increase customer confidence and boost sales. A refund will be issued if a Client does not respond to an Open Inquiry within 3 business days, so be sure to resolve any customer issues and requests promptly.

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2.11 Supported Currencies

CCNow currently supports charging payment cards in 25 currencies for Visa and MasterCard orders (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, CHF, SEK, NOK, DKK, NZD, HKD, ZAR, AED, INR, ARG, PKR, SGD, MYR, RUB, CNY, MXN, KRW, TRY, BRL; i.e. United States Dollars, EU Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Swiss Francs, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krona, Danish Krona, New Zealand Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, South African Rands, United Arab Emirates Dirhams, Indian Rupees, Argentine Pesos, Pakistan Rupees, Singapore Dollars, Malaysian Ringgit, Russian Ruble, Chinese Yuan, Mexican Peso, South Korea Won, Turkish Lira, Brazilian Real). There are plans to expand the number of currencies as well as the supported payment methods.

Based on the customer's IP location, CCNow may automatically convert the amount to the local currency. Your Account Statement will always reflect the USD value for accounting purposes, regardless of the currency the customer was charged in, as all of your accounting with CCNow is done in one currency. CCNow's FX rate for conversions is based on market rates.

We can send payments to Clients in 10 different currencies. Exchange rates will fluctuate daily depending upon our banking partners and market rates. Please note your bank may impose fees depending on your receiving bank account's currency and type.

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2.12 SoundScan

Nielsen SoundScan is a program which collects sales data and trends for entertainment products, it is especially useful for record labels and bands. CCNow is integrated with their system, and sends weekly sales reports based on the UPCs entered on your products and sales figures to customers in the US and Canada.

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2.13 Inventory Management

CCNow's system is designed to make inventory management simple. When adding or editing a product, you enter or update the available units (or via a bulk upload feed) and we will remove and add products as orders are placed and cancelled. You can also set an email reminder to have us tell you when your stock runs low on an item. You can activate this in the Client Menu at [Shopping Cart/Basic Settings].

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2.14 Automatic Fulfillment

For the sale of digital and non-tangible goods, CCNow offers support to automatically deliver a URL and fulfillment message to the customer after an order is completed. Within the Client Menu, you can view details on these options under [Shopping Cart/Real-time and Fraud Options] and [Product Management/Add a Product].

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