OpenCart Installation

  1. Plugin installation. Copy to OpenCart installation directory (e.g. /var/www/html/opencart) and unzip the file. The following files will be placed into your OpenCart installation directory:
    - catalog/controller/payment/ccnow.php
    - catalog/model/payment/ccnow.php
    - catalog/language/english/payment/ccnow.php
    - catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/ccnow.tpl
    - admin/controller/payment/ccnow.php
    - admin/language/english/payment/ccnow.php
    - admin/view/template/payment/ccnow.tpl

    Ideally, you should unzip the CCNow plugin through cPanel and it should place the files to the correct directories. However if you have custom themes installed or you don't have access to zip command (via shell or cPanel) you must copy these files manually (keep in mind the theme directory name). If you have installed custom themes, please verify the location of the template files (.tpl).

    If you encounter any strange behavior first check the existence of all files in the targeted OpenCart installation.

  2. In OpenCart admin, install the module and edit it to configure settings
  3. Login to your CCNow admin, Order APIs tab, get your Activation Key and save it in your CCNow Activation key field, Hash key in hash key and Client ID is your CCNow Client ID.
  4. In CCNow admin, Outgoing Order Push API section, set Format to "Named-Pair" and Details to "Full details"
  5. In CCNow admin, set Remote URL to http://[your website]/index.php?route=payment/ccnow/callback
  6. Run a test order by selecting TEST in "Payment method" in OpenCart admin CCNow module edit page
  7. Once test order has been verified, change the payment method to one of the three live options