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6.1 I haven't received my product yet. What should I do?

You can view the status of your order via our online order lookup tool. Try contacting the supplier to receive a status update on the status of your order using the link presented on that page. If the product has been delayed, or if the supplier is not responding, please contact us and we can open an inquiry for the order. An inquiry puts a temporary hold on funds to the supplier until your issue has been resolved. We require our suppliers to resolve inquiries within 3 business days. We can issue a refund if your issue is not resolved in a timely manner.

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6.2 Can I view the status of my order online?

Yes, you can track up your order here . From there you can view the status, obtain tracking information, contact the supplier, or cancel your order.

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6.3 What is Manual Authorization?

Manual Authorization is a risk management process CCNow uses to protect both cardholders and clients. If you've previously submitted manual authorization materials on previous orders, please notate this in the special instructions field if you place another order. More details on Manual Authorization can be viewed here.

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6.4 Why do I see two charges for different amounts?

CCNow has several different offices globally, and depending on your payment method, the transaction may not occur in your local country. Some customers may be charged a fee by their card issuing bank when conducting a cross border transaction despite the charge being made in their local currency (such as USD).

Not all banks charge these fees, and sometimes it may seem that this charge is coming from CCNow due to the way it looks on your card statement. However, CCNow and its banking partners do NOT charge this service fee, your card issuing bank does. We suggest contacting your bank to inquire why they charged you this fee, and you may receive a credit from them. You can view more information about this practice by card issuers of charging an international service assessment fee at

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6.5 Is CCNow safe to shop with?

Yes! CCNow utilizes PCI DSS Level 1-certified online security in handling customer's payment information, which is the highest compliance level available to companies. We take pride in protecting your data, and our suppliers never see your full payment card information.

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6.6 What are my consumer rights when shopping online?

When you buy from CCNow you agree to our terms of sale including our returns and cancellation policy and privacy policy. For an overview of your rights as a consumer please read on about consumer protection.

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