Send an Online Invoice by Email

Send customized invoices to your customers by email in a few clicks.

It's easy with CCNow. Here's the step-by-step invoicing procedure.

Simply log in to your account at the Client Menu. Click on the invoice generating tool link. If you have already set up your products, generating an invoice is very simple. If the transaction is for a new item, you will first need to add a product description and cost.

Once the invoice is complete, you will need to enter your customer's information, including her email address and physical address if you will be shipping a product. Now just click "Send," and the invoice will be automatically delivered by email.

Your customer will then be able to submit payment directly to CCNow by credit card or optional PayPal.

Furthermore you can accept auction payments as easy as 1-2-3 with CCNow. CCNow offers an automated system to extract details from your auctions to raise an auction invoice and receive payment for your online auctions.

If you are not already a CCNow client, streamline your online invoicing by signing up for CCNow today.