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Safe Payment Solutions For Online Auction Sellers, Worldwide

Online Auction Sellers, from all around the globe, are using our CCNow shopping carts to accept online auction payments. With CCNow, everyone can simply send an online invoice by email, with no need to struggle with complex e-commerce software.

It works this way: Online Auction Seller enters the auction or product details and the total charge, and our job is to send a payment request to the customer who can purchase the item with a credit / debit card, or optional PayPal.

For the convenience of Online Auction Sellers, we have developed our automatic listing extraction tool, which is currently compatible with eBay, eBay Motors, and Overstock, but we will be expanding support to other auction sites in the near future.

Our clients, Online Auction Sellers, are already accepting auction payments from other major auction sites such as iOffer, eBid, eCrater, Etsy, Bonanza, SpecialistAuctions or Worthpoint. The process is equally quick and secure, even though our order invoice and product invoice for these websites require Online Auction Sellers to enter some details manually.

When a payment request reaches the customer by email, the customer simply follows the link to complete the payment process. At the same time, Online Auction Seller will receive a message from CCNow, instructing to ship the merchandise. The auction seller now simply has to mark the order as "shipped", and the job is done.

Unique Invoices from Online Auction Sellers

Online Auction Sellers who have adopted our payment solutions can also send a unique invoice to the winners of their auctions, using the CCNow Client Menu. Once the item is sold Online Auction Seller can login to the Client Menu and select [Sales/Auction Invoice] to send an invoice to the winning bidder. The auction seller simply enters the Auction Number and the Total Charge, which signals us to email the customer a link to a custom shopping cart session. The product name(s) with other details and instructions will be added automatically. The bidder who has placed the winning bid will now have to complete the purchase with a credit or debit card (or optional PayPal Express Checkout). Online Auction Seller may also send invoices for payments not related to auction sales easily with CCNow. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you are are an Online Auction Seller but not already a CCNow client, simplify your auction sales by signing up for CCNow today.

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