Weekly Payments, Digital Product Support, and Realtime Processing

CCNow is happy to announce the addition of several heavily requested features to our platform.

Weekly payments are now available for all clients. We now pay each Wednesday rather than waiting for the 1st and 16th of the month. It only takes a few moments to switch. For more details, please see our Weekly Payment Schedule.

CCNow's focus has historically been on retailing tangible goods, but we are excited to officially support the sale of both tangible and digital goods, giving our clients more flexibility in product selections to grow their businesses. If you are using our new Automatic Fulfillment feature, there is no need to mark an order as shipped and we will instantly deliver a download link or message to the customer at the time of the sale. Real-time order processing and Auto-Fulfillment are available to qualified clients. To apply, simply contact us.

Posted on 10.01.2013