Google Checkout is Being Retired

Google Checkout Closing - CCNow as a Google Checkout Alternative

Google has announced that from November 20, 2013, Google Checkout will no longer be supported. Google has already begun to sunset this product, which means that thousands of merchants who use it must find an alternative for their payment processing needs.

What is Google Checkout?

Google Checkout, an online payment processing service provided by Google, was released in the US back in June 2006, as a simple solution to pay for online purchases. One of the main advantages of the service was its reliable fraud protection, and that full credit/debit card information entered by customers was not shared with any online seller. The information about customers’ credit/debit cards was securely stored within Google Checkout Accounts and charges were made only when they click an on-screen button at participating stores. For online sellers, Google Checkout provided guaranteed payments, free transaction fraud protection services, and advanced fraud detection systems. Merchants would receive a notice in their email Inbox, each time a new purchase came in. They could process the orders in the Merchant Centre, charge the buyer's card at a single click, and inform the buyer that the order is on its way by clicking the Ship button. Even though Google Checkout never became a market leader in comparison with PayPal, shutting down this product affects thousands of online sellers.

Who is affected by the closing of the Google Checkout?

Depending on the type of goods online merchants are selling, they may be affected differently.

  • Sellers of digital goods may transition to Google Wallet, which is a mobile payment system developed by Google. Google Wallet is relatively convenient and easy to use - for example in one mode the consumer only needs to tap their cell phone on any PayPass-enabled terminal to checkout. However, this PayPass service requires that customers have new Android-powered mobile devices which are widely available outside the United States. At this time, Google Wallet is only available in the US and to those 18 or older.
  • Merchant selling through Google-hosted marketplaces won't be affected.
  • Merchants selling physical goods will need to find a third-party alternative, and Google is not offering a replacement processing solution for their needs.

Finding a Google Checkout alternative

If you are a seller of physical goods, you will need to switch to a third-party Google Checkout alternative. Some of the sellers of digital goods may also want to make this transition, especially because the new payment methods, such as Google Wallet, are adopted slowly in the U.S., and still not available to the rest of the world. If you are an online retailer searching for a new, convenient, reliable and safe way of accepting credit cards over the internet, then you should consider CCNow internet retailing solutions. Learn more about CCNow as a Google Checkout Alternative, and simplify your transition by signing up for CCNow today.

Note: CCNow is not necessarily endorsed by any of the brands or companies listed above.

Posted on 08.29.2013