Braintree Promotion

On September 26th, eBay’s PayPal division announced it was acquiring Braintree Payments for $800 million. The company said this business move should help it to expand further into mobile commerce. CCNow is offering a limited time promotion for sellers that are looking for an alternative to Braintree.

Until November 1, 2013, CCNow is offering free signups to Braintree and Google Checkout merchants. To qualify for this promotion, use the coupon code "BRAINTREE" during the sign-up process, and then later email us your last three months of processing statements. You can quickly and easily transition your e-commerce activity to CCNow.

What is Braintree?

Braintree Payments is a Chicago-based company that provides and powers payment solutions for merchants and companies selling online. Many thousands of merchants from all over the world are currently using Braintree’s services; a "full-stack" solution including a merchant account, payment gateway, and secure vault credit card storage including recurring billing.

The company was founded in 2007, initially focusing on providing merchant account services. Braintree has since expanded to include its own payment gateway software, vault storage and billing services. In 2012, Braintree acquired Venmo mobile payments and integrated its technology into their own software, thus creating a new social-based "peer-to-peer" competitor to PayPal’s mobile payments capabilities. As the payments section of eBay seeks to grow further in mobile commerce, the acquisition assimilates a major up and coming competitor to eBay's offerings in this field.

Who is affected by this market change?

Whoever has been using the Braintree service consciously as a PayPal alternative may feel uncomfortable with the recent change. Until the acquisition, Braintree was considered one of the best PayPal alternatives, but now both PayPal and Braintree Payments are owned by the same company (eBay).

Finding a Braintree alternative

You may be in a search for Braintree Payment alternatives either because you are a former Google Checkout merchant who may have chosen Braintree Payments because of its lifetime discounted price for Google Checkout Merchants, or simply because you don’t want to deal with PayPal. Whatever the reason, you should consider CCNow’s online checkout service as a convenient, safe and reliable Braintree alternative. CCNow is not only fully loaded with killer features tailored for small to mid-sized business, but it also offers a limited time promotion for sellers who are looking for an alternative to Braintree.

For more information, please visit out our Braintree Alternative page.

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Posted on 10.23.2013