Indie Bands and Record Labels

Indie Bands and Record Labels

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Indie Band or Record Label?

Have your own band or record label? CCNow can help sell your merch, ship your discs, and report sales to SoundScan with no commitments and a minimal setup fee.

Whether you want to have us burn, print + ship CDs or DVDs for you to your fans, or have other band merchandise to sell such as shirts, LPs, stickers, promos, or posters, we are your solution!.

Let us help you to sell online quickly, easily, and without large upfront costs.

Your Merchandising Solution

We provide a variety of media and packaging materials for indie bands, from eco-friendly paper sleeves, to shrink-wrapped jewel cases and slimline DVD cases, with a variety of color inserts available. We use the highest quality JVC-Taiyo disc media.

Disc on Demand Media options include:

  • CDs (audio and CD-ROMs)
  • DVDs (single and dual layer)
  • Full color disc face printing
  • Jewel cases
  • DVD slimline cases (holds 1, 2 or 4 discs)
  • Eco-friendly paper mailers

Get Your Music Out There!

Disc On Demand means just that, you only pay for products when an order is placed, and we create and ship it on demand. This makes it a great alternative to duplication or replication where often you need to purchase thousands of units up front.

We also offer recurring order support, so you can send out series of discs. This is great for periodical video magazines, or keeping your fans updated with regular recordings of live sessions.


We've gigged in our own bands, and know from experience what you need. From garage bands to larger record labels, all up and coming artists will find our solutions right up their street. Don't let a lack of funds get in the way of selling your indie band merch.

CCNow is the perfect solution for your indie band or indie record label.

This service is available to all our clients, so if you are not already a CCNow client, go ahead, Sign up for CCNow and form your own indie band.

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