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Looking for a Google Checkout Alternative?

Google Checkout is shutting down on November 20, 2013, meaning that many online sellers will need to find a good Google Checkout alternative for their payment processing needs. According to Google, only merchants selling through Google-hosted marketplaces, such as Google Play, will be unaffected; but if you happen to be a seller of digital or physical goods, you will need to switch to a third-party Google Checkout alternative. Google recommends moving to a new payment provider as soon as possible by removing Google Checkout and replacing it with a substitute. Since Google is not offering a direct alternative to Google Checkout, CCNow can help you with a smooth transition by offering great Google Checkout alternatives for your e-commerce needs.

CCNow as an ideal Google Checkout Alternative

If you are an online retailer searching for a new, convenient, reliable and safe way of accepting credit and debit cards over the internet, then you should consider CCNow's internet retailing solution as a good Google Checkout alternative. Not only is CCNow loaded with practical features, but it also has a much faster startup time compared to other payment gateways. With CCNow you can quickly get your store up and running within minutes, with no need to struggle with complex e-commerce software and cumbersome and costly merchant account applications for internet payment processing.

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CCNow as a Google Checkout Alternative for Online Auction Sellers

CCNow shopping carts are helping online auction sellers to accept payments from all around the globe. CCNow automatically sends a payment request to the customer who can purchase the item with a credit/debit card, or optional PayPal. When a payment request reaches the customer by email, the customer simply follows the link to complete the payment process. At the same time, the online auction seller will receive a message from CCNow, instructing them to ship the merchandise and complete the transaction. In addition the CCNow system supports selling via unique invoices from online auction sellers.

CCNow as a Google Checkout Alternative for Occasional Sellers

CCNow offers ideal payment solutions for occasional sellers with no monthly fees and no hidden charges for maintaining an occasional or seasonal merchant account. Our carefully tailored Occasional Seller Plan has a sign-up fee of only USD 9.95, while the monthly fee of USD 4.95 is waived if the occasional seller doesn’t sell anything in that month, or if the seller makes more than $100 in sales during that month.

CCNow as a Google Checkout Alternative for WordPress Stores

CCNow payment gateway takes care of online sales through leading e-commerce plug-ins for WordPress stores. CCNow payment solutions are already integrated into some of the most popular WordPress store plugins such as WooCommerce, eShop, Shopp and WP e-Commerce. In addition, CCNow supports other leading open source charts such as Joomla! (VirtueMart and HikaShop), PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento.

If you're an online seller searching for a Google Checkout alternative, simplify your transition by signing up for CCNow today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with a personal touch that you likely will not see at most merchant account payment providers.

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