Disc On Demand

On-Demand Production with Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

The Disc On Demand service from CCNow allows you to manage all of your disc needs in one place. You can completely customize your product, and we will handle the fulfillment of disc products on an order by order basis, with no need for you to incur extra costs in storing inventory.

We provide a variety of media and packaging materials, from eco-friendly paper sleeves, to shrink-wrapped jewel cases and slimline DVD cases, with a variety of color inserts available. We use the highest quality JVC-Taiyo disc media.

Disc On Demand means just that, you only pay for products when an order is placed, and we create and ship it on demand. This makes it a great alternative to duplication or replication. We also offer recurring order support, so you can send series of discs. This is great for instructors wishing to give updated monthly lesson plans to students, high schools distributing weekly sporting events to parents, or for periodical video magazines.

There are no additional set-up fees to use our online tool. You can start marketing and selling disc products globally within minutes.

Media options include:

  • CDs (audio and CD-ROMs)
  • DVDs (single and dual layer)
  • Jewel cases
  • DVD slimline cases (holds 1, 2 or 4 discs)
  • Eco-friendly paper mailers

This service is available to all our clients, so if you are not already a CCNow client, go ahead and Sign up for CCNow.