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What is your delivery policy?

All tangible goods are usually shipped within thirty (30) days to the shipping address as listed by the customer in the CCNow order form at checkout.

Separate charges for shipping and handling may apply. Such charges will be shown as a line item on your order form at checkout. Different products shipped from different CCNow Suppliers have varying delivery methods, so delivery options will vary.

For intangible goods such as digital downloadable items, delivery is usually instant, being available after the payment is confirmed.

I didn't get my download or service immediately after I paid?

CCNow may for certain purchases attempt to contact the customer at their listed telephone number, email address, or require an authorization form to be signed and emailed (Manual Authorization), or otherwise sent securely, to our Risk Department. In cases where we are unable to contact the customer or confirm that the order was placed by the cardholder we reserve the right to cancel or refund orders without notice.

What if there is a delay in delivery or I don't receive my order?

If the product delivery has been delayed, or if the supplier is not responding, please contact us and we can open an inquiry for the order. An inquiry puts a temporary hold on funds to the supplier until your issue has been resolved. We require our suppliers to resolve inquiries within 3 business days. We can issue a refund if your issue is not resolved in a timely manner. Please refer to our full Refund Policy for more information.

What if I want to cancel my order?

You can submit a request to cancel your order at any time prior to shipment. Please note that your request may not be approved because your order has already been shipped. To request a cancellation of your order, you must contact our Customer Service using the online order lookup tool or by email or phone.

You may receive an email notification when the order is shipped which may contain information such as shipment tracking numbers if available. You can also look up your order to view the shipping status of your order by accessing the online order lookup tool.

Consumer Protection - Know Your Rights?

Understand your rights as a consumer including your right of withdrawal from a distance contract in our guide to Consumer Protection.