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Looking for a Braintree Payments Alternative?

Since eBay announced on September 6, 2013 that it acquired Braintree Payments for US$800 million in cash, many online sellers are searching for a good Braintree Alternative. The acquisition of Braintree by eBay severely compromises Braintree’s reputation as a PayPal alternative, since both of these popular payment gateways are now owned by the same company.

eBay is planning to integrate Braintree with its PayPal payments business continuing to operate Braintree as a separate service within PayPal, thus neutralizing the threat from one of the fastest-rising independent competitors to PayPal. In addition, eBay will boost PayPal’s mobile presence, by integrating Braintree’s Venmo mobile payment solution into its core platform.

You may be in a search for great Braintree alternatives because you had been using the Braintree service consciously as a PayPal alternative - as you did not want to deal with PayPal. However, if you are a former Google Checkout client, you may have chosen Braintree because of its lifetime discounted price for Google Checkout Merchants. If for whatever reason you are feeling uncomfortable with the recent change, you should consider CCNow as an ideal Braintree Payments alternative.

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CCNow as a Braintree Alternative

CCNow’s online checkout service offers a convenient, reliable, and safe way of accepting orders over the Internet, whether it is by credit cards, debit cards, or optional PayPal. Loaded with practical features, CCNow also offers an incredibly quick startup time compared to other payment gateways, depending on your business you can be active and ready to sell within minutes.

Like Braintree, CCNow is a "full-stack" solution that is an alternative to the traditional model of sourcing a payment gateway and merchant account from different providers. CCNow is a Braintree alternative suitable for everyone, be they individuals, startups or companies wishing to grow their online business, for both domestic and international transactions. Sign up now to access your alternative.

CCNow is Fully loaded with Killer Features for small to mid-sized businesses

CCNow is loaded with features to sell products online such as credit and debit card processing, fraud screening, inventory management, and personal non-offshored customer service.

With CCNow, there is no need to struggle with complicated e-commerce software and costly merchant account applications – your store may be up and running in minutes no matter if you’re an online Auction Seller, an Occasional Seller, or an owner of a WordPress Store. It is also ideal for those who are looking to test whether online selling will work for their business, and for those who are still searching for a Google Checkout Alternative.

So, if you're an online seller searching for a Braintree Payments Alternative, simplify your transition by signing up for CCNow today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with a personal touch that you likely will not find at most merchant account payment providers.

Note: CCNow is not necessarily endorsed by any of the brands or companies listed above.

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